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Animal Communication

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Susan L. Tucker

Castle Pine, CO 80108

(970) 389-3549

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Information about Susan L. Tucker


About Susan

I am a Spirit Medium using my mediumistic and psychic abilities for your personal reading.  I will provide the highest quality reading as my Spirit Guides lead me. Come with your questions  and photos for an hour of  guided messages from Spirit.   

Animal Communicator

As an animal communicator, I communicate with those here  in the physical body and those in Spirit.  I work telepathically to identify the needs and wants of your animals.  I use my psychic sight, hearing, knowingness, and feelings to translate the information I receive from them.  This translates into a deeper and more loving connected relationship with your pets.  Listen to what they have to say about you!  Hear their thoughts and ask your questions. 

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Opportunties For Learning Available

If you have ever wanted to develop your intuition and did not know where to turn? Good news for you!  I am offering you private tailored courses for your intuitive development.  One on one instruction covering topics that interest you for your intuitive development.  Personal and confidential designed just for you.  Please email me for further information.  It's time for you now. 

It is time for you.

Do you feel  it's time for you?  

Time to explore those questions and closures that you have on your mind.

Allow me to explore those questions with  you for  an amazing experience  in your  personal  and confidential reading. 

It's time.

Time for you.

It begins now.